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Citywide Comprehensive Plan

Following the spring flood of 2009, the City of Fargo undertook the development of its original Comprehensive Plan of flood mitigation projects. The goal of the plan was to identify the projects needed to effectively remove properties from the current FEMA 100-year floodplain. Since its implementation, the Comprehensive Plan has been used by City staff to help prioritize project development and construction, ultimately resulting in the construction of more than 28 miles of levees and floodwalls since 2009 (as of May 2024).

In May of 2016 the City Commission was brought up to date on an ongoing study (MS-14-20) related to potential permitting concerns due to a need to mitigate impacts from induced staging. As a result, the Commission determined it was appropriate to reprioritize the City's flood mitigation projects. The Prioritized Comprehensive Plan provides a five-year acquisition and construction outlook that focuses on areas that are hard to protect via emergency measures while avoiding areas that would either require the removal of affordable housing or would present significant permitting hurdles.

To supplement the Comprehensive Plan, City staff developed a Phasing Plan of prioritized flood mitigation projects (this phasing plan was updated in May of 2016 and is subject to change).

In 2012, the City Commission approved a List of Acquisitions which identifies properties for flood mitigation project acquisition. This list was developed using the projects outlined in the Comprehensive Plan and is subject to change as projects are developed beyond the concept level contained in the Comprehensive Plan. Acquisition offers will not be made until further project design details have been completed and it has been verified that the property must be acquired in order to successfully complete the project.  Offers to acquire will follow the policy set forth in the City’s Voluntary Acquisition Program.

Additionally, the City has adopted a Medical Hardship Policy for property owners identified for acquisition in future flood mitigation projects.

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