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Storm Sewer Cleaning

Storm Sewer Maintenance

Storm sewer maintenance is a combined effort between the Engineering Department's Storm Sewer Utilities Division and the City of Fargo Street Department. The primary goal of the City's storm sewer maintenance activities is to ensure that the City of Fargo storm sewer system is inspected, cleaned and repaired in a regular and systematic manner to allow for optimum performance.

Maintenance Activities

The maintenance activity on Fargo's storm drain system has increased significantly due to the rapid growth of the community. Maintenance crews are continually working to keep the 11,000 inlets, 9,000 manholes, 81 lift stations and 502 miles of storm sewer pipe operating as efficiently as possible. This maintenance is an important part of storm water management for the City of Fargo, as routine cleaning of the system is key in helping reduce the risk of flooding.