Street Tree Replacement Policy

When boulevard trees die, the Forestry Department replaces them as often as possible with a suitable species. Listed below are a few guidelines the department looks for when replanting trees across the city.

  1. Is there enough space between the existing trees to start another? Some areas of town used to space the trees 15 feet apart, which is a little too close. To help see around intersections and when backing out of driveways, we now space trees at a minimum of 30 feet. Spacing will also vary depending upon species selection.
  2. Is the site spaced 40 feet or more away from an intersection? We actively try to maintain a 40-foot open space at intersections. On busier intersections across town, we may even extend the clear zone up to 50 or 60 feet.
  3. Would a new tree be a good distance away from street lights? Ideally, the city maintains a 20-foot buffer on each side of the light.
  4. Is the planting location at least eight feet away from water lines or fire hydrants?
  5. Is the planting location at least 10 feet away from the driveway?

If these guidelines are met, the Fargo Forestry Department will replant on the property in the spring or fall of the year. Typically, forestry personnel will select the variety of tree to be replanted.