Kids and CDs

Story on the Go Kits

Story on the Go Kits combine reading with play, learning, and fun! Packaged in handles totes, each kit contains books on a specific subject along with a collection of fun related items. Kits may include one or more of the following: DVDs, CDs, puppets, flash cards, toys and more. Kits are located at the Main Library, but may be requested for pick-up at any Fargo Public Library location.

Story on the Go kit

  • Story on the Go kits check out for three weeks and cannot be renewed.
  • Only one kit may be checked out per card. This limit includes both Story on the Go kits and Topic Totes for Tots kits.
  • Story on the Go kits must be returned inside one of our Fargo Public Library locations. They must not be returned in the bookdrop.
  • Please make sure all components of the kit are accounted for before returning the kit to the library. A list of contents can be found on the cover of each kit.
  • Borrowers are responsible for all of the components of the kit they borrow. Borrowers will be held responsible for individual lost or damaged items and charged a replacement fee.
  • We understand that the stuffed animals, toys, and puppets will be very appealing to children. However, we ask that you keep all components of the kit together in the tote when the kit is not in use.
  • For sanitary reasons, we ask that you dissuade your children from sleeping with or chewing on any stuffed animals, toys, or puppets included in the kits and from playing with and/or using the kits outdoors or near food or water.