Snow Removal Hero

Snow Removal Assistance

The City of Fargo is making funds available to help low and moderate income homeowners who are elderly and/or disabled with snow removal services. Funds will be used to pay a contractor the City hires to remove snow for persons who are accepted into the program for 1) their public sidewalk; 2) their driveway; and 3) one walkway to their door. Applicants will be prioritized primarily on a first-come-first-served basis.


To be eligible for assistance, a person must:

  1. Live in their home; it cannot be rental property (unless it is a single-family home for which the tenant is responsible for snow removal).
  2. Be physically unable to remove snow. All household member(s) must be elderly (age 65 or older) and/or disabled (as defined by eligibility for Paratransit services).
  3. Have a qualifying household income (see below chart). Income eligibility will be determined by your 2022 household income (includes the unadjusted gross income earned by everyone living in your household over the age of 18). Please note that Social Security and Pension benefits are included as income.
    • 1 person - $42,240
    • 2 people - $48,240
    • 3 people - $54,300
    • 4 people - $60,300

To Apply For The Program

If you believe you are eligible, you are encouraged to call the Department of Planning & Development at 701.241.1474. to request an application form.

There are limited spots available in this program - eligible applicants may be waitlisted.

  • Applications must be returned via email to or can be mailed to:

    Department of Planning and Development
    Attn: Snow Removal Assistance Program
    225 4th Street North
    Fargo, ND 58102

For more information about the program, please contact the Planning Department or call 701.241.1474