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Drought Plan

Drought is a naturally occurring phenomenon that influences all climate zones around the world. Drought is typically characterized by a deficiency in precipitation that lasts for an extended period of time, such as a season or longer. The impacts and repercussions of droughts can affect local economies and disrupt the way of life for a region. Droughts have been recorded in the Red River Valley of North Dakota since the 1900's, and are an ongoing concern for the City of Fargo, especially as the City's need for water has increased because of rapid population growth in recent decades.

In 2003, the City of Fargo developed its first Drought Management Plan and began tracking drought conditions that affect the City's water supply. The Drought Management Plan outlined tracking measures and potential ways to conserve water to reduce the impacts of a water shortage and drought. As the City grows and water needs increase, the Plan requires regular updates and additional considerations to be incorporated.

The City of Fargo recently updated its Drought Management Plan, which includes a revision to the structure of the Drought Phases. The previous plan consisted of five (5) drought phases, which has now been converted into a four (4) phase plan.

View the four drought phases.