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Phase I - Normal Conditions

When the water supply for the City of Fargo is not experiencing drought conditions, the Normal Conditions phase of the Drought and Water Service Management Plan is in place. Normal conditions are represented by adequate water supply, where stream flows and reservoir levels are as usual, and there are no water infrastructure complications present.

Phase 1 Response Measures

*The City of Fargo promotes but does not enforce seasonal odd/even watering restrictions from Memorial Day to Labor Day based on even or odd house addresses.

Phase 2 - Advisory (CURRENT STATUS)

The Advisory phase is initiated by an early indication of developing drought conditions and a possible supply shortage or disruption to water infrastructure. It is characterized by lower than normal precipitation and declining stream flows. Within the Advisory phase, reservoir levels have dropped slightly and the potential for distribution system disruption has increased.

Phase 2 Response Measures

Phase 3 - Warning

The Warning phase is initiated as drought conditions worsen and the drought situation transitions to severe. During the Warning phase, stream flows and reservoir levels have declined even further. The Warning phase could also be initiated if water treatment capabilities are disrupted due to failure or inabilities to convey source water to the WTP.

Phase 3 Response Measures

Phase 4 - Emergency

The Emergency phase is initiated when water supplies are so limited that failure of the supply system is imminent or when water treatment operations have failed. Severe water supply shortage exists, where stream flows are extremely diminished and reservoir levels have dropped drastically. The Emergency phase is also triggered when water treatment capacities are completely hindered and the highest priority water needs cannot be met.

Phase 4 Response Measures