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North Dakota Ryan White Part B Program

The North Dakota Ryan White Part B Program is a federally funded program administered by the North Dakota Department of Health. Ryan White Part B services are available to low-income HIV positive North Dakota residents.

The North Dakota Ryan White Part B Program serves to:

  • Address the unmet health needs of persons living with HIV disease
  • Optimize health outcomes by funding health care and support services to enhance health care access and retention in care
  • Provide case management to link clients to appropriate resources

Visit the North Dakota Department of Health Patient Resources page to learn about resources available for those living with HIV.

Income Guidelines and Eligibility

In order to qualify for Ryan White services in North Dakota, a client must:

  • Be HIV Positive
  • Reside in North Dakota
  • Have a gross household income up to 400% Federal Poverty Level, or $48,560 for a household of one for 2018

If you live in the Fargo area and have questions or need more information, contact the Ryan White case manager at Fargo Cass Public Health by email or call 701.241.1382.

Available Services

Services for qualifying residents include:

  • Case Management
  • AIDS Drug Assistance Program (ADAP)
  • Outpatient Medical Assistance
  • Emergency Asssistance
  • Medical Transportation