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Tuberculosis Testing

Fargo Cass Public Health offers tuberculosis (TB) testing in the form of a blood test, Quantiferon TB Gold Plus. Test results are typically available in 3-4 days. Routine TB testing of the general public is not necessary or recommended. People who may need TB testing include individuals who are in close contact of someone with active TB. TB testing may also be required for school or employment.

If results of a TB test are positive, individuals are referred to their primary healthcare provider for evaluation and medication orders for treatment, if indicated. Once prescribed by a primary healthcare provider, medication to treat both active and latent TB is available through Fargo Cass Public Health. When applicable, health insurance will be billed for the cost of TB medication. If health insurance is not available, TB medication is provided to the patient at no cost.

To find out more about tuberculosis services, please call 701.241.1360.

More information regarding tuberculosis is available at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website.